My Hania

This section of the web site is devoted to one of the Creative Laboratories – in Hania – and describes in more detail some of the process involved in the project.

In April and May 2009, a creative laboratory was organised in Hania, Crete – bringing together artists, historical specialists, teachers and young people to explore the rich multicultural heritage of the Old Town. It was organised by Etz Hayyim Synagogue with artists from Laundry (UK/Poland), and the location of the workshops and exhibition was Studio Poli-texnio.

The participating schools were the 5th Gymnasium school of Nea Hora, and the Gymnasium school of Kandanos. The workshops were designed for the young people to critically interpret their surroundings and explore hidden histories. An exhibition of the work was opened to the public, which was created through interviews and interactions with local people, using photography, sound recordings, video and visual arts. It provided a glimpse into the multicultural heritage of the city through the eyes of the participants.

Material from the exhibition forms the basis of these web pages, our online guide to Hania.

Artists Brendan Jackson, Beverley Harvey, Alicja Rogalska and Paulina Paga (Laundry), and artists Jo Loki and Simret-Cheema Innis also visited the Creative Laboratory from the UK to develop their specific projects. Alexander Phoundoulakis (Etz Hayyim Synagogue) and historian Anja Zückmantel were the co-ordinators in Hania.

Other participants included:
Nicholas Stavroulakis, Project Director of Etz Hayyim Synagogue, Vassilis Varouxaki from the Archeological Department of Hania, writer Saba Altinsay (Turkey), artist Spiros Androulakis (Studio Poli-texnio), and Salah Kanaan (Germany/Palestine).

Participants from Kandanos –
Teachers: Elina Kournidaki, Nikos Smirneos, Katerina Aggisiali
Students: Antonis Thrakakis, Gerogos Kariotakis, Georgina Lesi, Claudia Nikoli, Anna Koumi, Eftixis Sfinarolakis

Participants from Nea Hora –
Teacher: Maria Katserou
Students: Nikos Mixalidis, Alkistis Kourti, Christina Seiti, Eva Kerkira, Georgos Apostolidis, Ivan Ivanof, Aggelaki Bixtarian, Konstantinos Troulos, Themis Panagopoulos, Gianna Peneva, Manolis Heretis, Niki Polifaki